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If you have some points, I would be really gratful. ^^

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So yeah. I thought of a whole new plot that could get interesting. >D
And as always there will be cameos but this time you need to match some requirements and maybe give your character some special things so he/she can be placed in the story.
Other than that, I've got some questions I need to find an answer to. If you've read the Questions section at the end and you think you can help me, please answer to the first four comments.

:star:New Plot:star:
Today I thought of a quite easy, but also difficult plot. It'll still be all about animal(-like) creatures, no worries.
Tell me what you think about it.

In the world which our story is placed, there was a big war between two countries. Seeing as the only way to solve the problem was either killing the enemy or give them something to prevent the war, the ruler of one country decides to breed a special creature which should, genetically, not excist. (They manipulated the womb of the female and the semen of the male with magic, just so you know. Will think of something that sounds better.)
When the pup was born, it barely moved but it was alive. The ruler of the country gave the mages the order to manipulate it with magic again. (Will think of a certain reason...) After some days a messanger was send to the other country and delivered the message of the "present" they had for the ruler of that country. He thought about it but decided to decline the offer since he expected some kind of trap.
Seeing as the pup was not needed anymore and its "parents" hated it anyway, the ruler ordered some of his underlings to get rid of it.
Thanks to a single one of those underlings, the pup was hidden in the mountains. "Wait here for me. When this is over, I'll come back and take care of you.", the wolf said and said farewell with a smile. The pup, magically manipulated, was able to understand his words. But the wolf never returned. Maybe he fell on the battlefield, maybe he was turned into a slave or maybe...he forgot his promise.
The pup waited. Days, weeks,...years. But no sign of the wolf it waited for. Years later, the pup which now was a teenager, listened to the wind which told it to move on. The wind was its friend, its caretaker and the only one that wouldn't leave it alone.
And here our story begins...

Soo~, What do you think?
This is just the basic of the beginning. After this the real story begins. The pup will listen to the wind and leave the mountain and after a few days it'll meet the first, rather important, character. Hebi. <3
There will probably be an almost-rape scene~, I don't want to leave that out, but expect a "dynamic entry"-like saving scene. XD
BTW, the plot was made right after I woke up. In circa...5 minutes? o_O</sub>

:star:Cameo Requirements:star:
So, since there are a few things in the world that do exsist, do not exsist, are rare or are just special, here are a few requirements for your characters. (Don't post your charas yet, I'll write a deviation just for that purpose. But feel free to ask if anything is not clear. ^^)

:bulletblack: Natural colours (natural markings or not) are always welcome since they are common and normal in this world.
:bulletblack: Unnatural colours are rare and will be kept rare since unnatural coloured creatures always have a otherworldly influence, have a demon/ghost/special creature hidden/sealed inside them.
:bulletblack: Natural-Unnatural Combo (Natural base coat with unnatural coloured markings) uncommon
:bulletblack: Neon colours, girly colours or rainbow designs ... please no. I don't want to have disco or Barbie creatures in my story! D: (Light-coloured creatures with soft and kinda girly colours are allowed, will post examples soon regarding what is allowed and what isn't.)
:bulletblack: Pure white, pure black, golden, silver, etc. are rare! If you have a character whith these colours give me their ref and I'll tell you whether they can be placed in the story or not.

:bulletblack: Canines will be the mainbreed of the story. So gimme your wolfies and doggies! >D
:bulletblack: Felines are rather rare and will have the role of the enemy.
:bulletblack: Equines are rare. I'm not sure what I should do with them, so...
:bulletblack: Reptiles are uncommon, but if you have a snake, lizard or crocodile I'll try to find a place for them.
:bulletblack: Winged creatures (birds, bats, butterflies, etc.) will have only one role and that is to guide the maincharacter. More about that later.
:bulletblack: Gods are not allowed as cameos (maybe because nobody has a god character, dunno). Deathgods or the like, however, are more than welcome. >D
:bulletblack: Otherworldly creatures. Deformed creatures, more headed creatures, etc. are more than welcome since they will play a big role in the story too.

:bulletblack: Hybrids of any breed are rare! However, Canine X Canine is not as rare as Canine X FelineThose are not as rare as Canine X Reptile. I hope you get what I mean?
:bulletblack: They have special powers. No exceptions! Your hybrid needs to have at least one special power. (able to control one elemt (not all elements), mind-reading, visionary, etc.). (Will post a deviation regarding this later.)
:bulletblack: Your hybrid WILL play a certain role and depending on the breed he/she will have maybe more than one role.
:bulletblack: It's normal for Hybrids to have unusual or weird names (like our mainchar, maybe), that's why they have official and true names. (Example: True name --> Karugock, Official name --> Kamarilium)

Here are two questions which I need help with. As I said at the beginning of the journal, pleae answer to the first two comments. ^^

:bulletblack: How should I beginn my story? I need a sentence or two to start the story. It will start with describing the situation of the world (battle of two countries).

:bulletblack: A normal ending. With a happy end and all that stuff, chara gets what he wants, etc.
:bulletblack: Should the maincharacter die? A rather important question, no? I always hate it when a maincharacter dies but somehow a bitter-sweet end is quite nice in some cases.
:bulletblack: What about an open end? I thought of something like the thing with the wolf in the beginning. The mainchar has something to take care of, but never returns... Which could also be a sign of a continuation, but still leaves this bitter-sweet feeling.

Tell me if you have a idea for an introducion, by answering to the first comment.
Please tell me which kind of ending you would preffer, by answering to the second, third and forth comment.
(Just answer with +1)

I should seriously get online here more often. Damn you HARPG stable, real life and F.3.A.R.! :shakefish:

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